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Planettoon®'s World

Planettoon®’s World's product line is an entertainment, educational, and ecological platform for children and young adults. Not constrained to a single product, the potentiality of Planettoon’s World to reach and make an impression - regardless of age, gender and nationality - is huge.

Planettoon®’s World will enter markets that include interactive applications for iOS and Android, console games, interactive web applications for desktop/laptop computers, Planettoon®’s World board game, Planettoon®’s World books series, puppets & plush toys, a skin & body care line for children & teens, a vitamin line and the “Plant-for-the-Future Kit”.

Based on the tenderhearted chronicle of a mother devoting herself to creating transformational and innovative channels of communication for the development of her son, the resulting components becoming Planettoon’s World pillars: love, family, friendship and ecological awareness.

Beyond its aesthetically attractive illustrations, at its core, Planettoon’s World is an enormous contribution to children, teens, their friends and families worldwide that as of yet has not been addressed in a multichannel product line.

Planettoon® is a fictional character conceived in 2008 by Diana Rivas-Vasquez. Its inception began the day in which her son Luis, then 4-years old, who had NEVER spoken a single word prior to that moment, uttered the words: “DRAW A CIRCLE.”

Luis was then unstoppable, and the extraordinary dialogue expanded, as Diana logically, bursting in happiness; adapted Luis’ ideas into sketches. An eternally cherished and miraculous moment emerged from their exchange when Luis said: “MOM, I LOVE YOU.”

Intellectually engaging and comforting, Planettoon®’s World appeals to parents and their children globally.

Planettoon® Characters

Planettoon®'s World has 20 Characters and more are coming!
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