A common thread binds the Precious Creative Co. team. It is knowing what we do best and why.



Virginia is a big picture thinker immersed in detailed execution.

With more than three decades of experience, Virginia started Precious Creative Co., with the commitment of assisting her clients execute and successfully achieve their business potentials. She is a skilled scholar, and not only does she keep on top of industry trends, Virginia invents them!

Establishing Precious Creative Co. as a premier management and branding firm in South Florida, Precious Creative is now an international agency with offices worldwide. Her work has been recognized on US and international media. She has been invited to speak on live television to share her professional advice on business design and planning. Her projects and events have also been featured in the Miami Herald, People Magazine, and a number of other publications including Bride’s and Modern Luxury.

Virginia has weaved together symbolic, unique professional relationships, resulting in a cohesive team of industry leaders. She is proud to lead this creative team who share her understanding of logistic intelligence to redefine traditional marketing.

In 2018, with the opening of the European Headquarters in Rome, Virginia is taking Precious Creative Co. onto a global scale with the aim of dedicating her consultancy and services, to an international team, that creates epic experiences for her clients.



Juan Carlos is a master at various trades from Attorney to Publicist to Audiovisual Producer, to last, but not least, Filmmaker. Proving his versatility and expanding his award-winning expertise to Precious Creative Co’s clientele, he understands the formula for building your brand.

As an accomplished television commercial producer, his work has brought him in contact with such high caliber advertising agencies as J. Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett, BBDO, Publicis and FCB where he produced and directed commercials for leading brands such as Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Alfonso Rivas, Kellogg, Gillet and Johnson&Johnson.

His skilled commercial “masterpieces” have been awarded in numerous International Advertising Festivals.

Juan Carlos has additionally operated in the Cinematographic sector; directing experimental short films, and delivering documentaries, which were later launched in various International Film Festivals. Through his experience, he knows how to obtain sponsors and strategic allies to deliver the results you want.

Juan Carlos’ musical thread, lead him to initiate the label “Venezuela Subterránea Subterráneo Records”, becoming the creator and vanguard of the subsequent Venezuelan hip hop movement, releasing a total of ten music labels, five video clips and documentaries, winning awards for best video clip.

His proficiency in all facets of marketing and music promotion services, project management and distribution will help your brand grow in the direction you want it to.

In his vest as manager, Juan Carlos has created national and international musical tours, planning and executing promotional strategies for artists (audiovisual media, points of sale, social media). He has combined the latter with organising and contracting for events. He can find commercial brand associations to represent your artistic image in general. He has extended his management internationally into countries such as Colombia, Chile, United States, Spain, Argentina and Puerto Rico.

Juan Carlos combines creativity without boundaries to go that extra mile.



Oliver Landi has incredible soft communication skills. He has real flair for captivating his audience with his charismatic way. A skill he can communicate fluently in 3 languages.

His deep sense for the intersection of business needs & customer needs embodies Oliver as an accomplished sales and marketing professional.

He has over 20 years of experience in multiple industries around the world in both the private and public sector. His involvement in these sectors has given him a profound understanding of the complexity of the marketing world.

Oliver is always building his skills and knowledge, adapting to the fast paced & quickly changing technologies and methods in the marketing & branding industry. He is a keen advocate of knowledge through experience and education. He has participated in a broad range of sales training courses, workshops, and seminars that have given him a solid, resourceful base with which to assist clients.

In close partnership, Oliver continues to build strong contacts and client networks worldwide. His role as Precious Creative Co.’s Global Sales Director uniquely positions him to impact organizations’ productivity and long-term success with his powerful vision of bringing great customer service and long-term business solutions.



Aisyah is young and adept. She is an example of contemporary talent that is endowed by her many strengths and capabilities.

Aisyah started her career in the Finance and Admin. Department of the Singapore Cricket Club. Her primary roles included ensuring smooth operations with strategic planning, accountability, and coordinating internal communication. She was also involved in the International Rugby Sevens ensuring effective and accurate financial operations. Aisyah also played a significant role handling accounts and drawing up financial policies and procedures for one of the companies she worked for.

Her career in marketing began when she was given an opportunity to realize her potential. It was at that moment that Aisyah perceived the notion that her knowledge in her financial background could have outstanding effects in business growth and marketing, creating a long-lasting impression among consumers.

Responsible for the design and production of visual media, Aisyah works closely with the executive team developing campaigns to help products and processes progress in order to match a constantly changing market.

She is an adamant believer that good design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also means better business.