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Planettoon®’s World, the exciting new children’s property teaching children to care about each other, our flora and fauna, and ultimately our planet, will exclusively unveil its character range at the forthcoming Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, USA on June 4, 2019.

Better known as ‘PlanettooniesTM’, there are 21 characters, each with their own story and message. These include; Adrian, Alex, Leo and Pepe, who teach children how to preserve power in their homes. While Yuyi and Lupita are focused on how to recycle, and Gus teaches little ones about saving endangered species. Glysed educates kids on how to preserve water, while Isabela, Arimoon, Gabo, Ms. Oda and Mr. Sun, deliver important messages about flora and fauna. If that’s not enough, hanging out with Mr. Willow, Tooniefly, Gabo and Monique, might even inspire future doctors, scientists and pilots.

Teaching children about the wider world through play, the range includes; a book series, toys, games, puppets, skincare, vitamins, apparel, and an exclusive Plant-a-KitTM, in its extensive collection. Virginia Landi, director of Precious Creative Co, said; “The Licensing Expo is a fitting place to launch Planettoon® and its range of characters, as the greatest gathering of industry minds and exhibitors.

“We are moving into a new era of learning, that delivers important information in a fun and engaging manner. This next generation will be even more aware of global issues we’re facing, so it’s never too young to start inspiring them to care for the world. Each of the Planettoon®’s World characters have been carefully considered, integrating the theme of Mother Earth in a playful way.”

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-- May 28, 2019



A colorful world made up of an "army" of little soldiers we call PLANETTOONIESTM!

What would you give for your child’s happiness? If your answer is the universe, you can put yourself in the shoes of one loving parent desperate to communicate their love to their child. Imagine the hope that a simple three-word sentence can bring to your life, when for the first time ever, you hear your four-year-old’s voice, and he says: “DRAW A CIRCLE.”

The limitless power of a mother’s love is a world by itself. Little did she know, that circle she drew would roll out far. Out of a simple wish, Planettoon® was born. Abridging the distance that years of silence left so effortlessly, Planettoon® was destined to embark on an adventure that would unwind, last, and grow.

On the growth path, very soon Planettoon®’s companions came along: Isabella, Mr. Sun, Dioxicarb, Gabo, Mother Nature, Arimoon, and a whole palette of fascinating characters that make up PLANETTOON®'S WORLD.

After growing and evolving for years, PLANETTOON®'S WORLD arrives spreading a clear idea that the brand splendidly conveys: CARING IS POWERFUL! TM. The PlanettooniesTM come with the priceless lesson they passionately want to teach: TO CARE! Care for yourself, care for each other, and care for our flora and fauna.

Planettoon®’s World delivers on the promise TO CARE with cartoon series, toys, games, and hand puppets demonstrating how to care for one another, a skincare and vitamin line for children so they can learn how to take care of themselves, and a Plant-for-the-future Kit aka Plant-a-KitTM that will turn learning how to care into productive actions.

Its inauguration will unveil to you a story conceived as one parent’s labor of unconditional love and a gift to their child. A world that comes intertwined with adventures, essential lessons of friendship, teamwork, dedication, and commitment.

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-- April 4, 2019

Licensing Expo 2019

Precious Creative Co. will be at the Licensing Expo 2019

From June 4th to 6th, 2019 will be held the Licensing Expo 2019: The most great and important event worldwide concerning the Licensing Industry.

This event will take place at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The purpose of this event is to connect the world's most influential entertainment and corporate brand owners and representatives with potential consumer goods manufacturers, licensees and retailers.

Precious Creative Co. is planning to attend the Licensing Expo Las Vegas 2019 and, for that reason, is currently developing an outstanding booth which will cause a significant visual and content impact, and whose scale model is already approved by the event’s organizing committee.

We will be proudly dispaying our current projects. Come see us at our booth!

-- February 22, 2019


Planettoon®’s World Team attends Spielwarenmess® in Nuremberg, Germany.

From January 30th to February 4th, the Planettoon®’s World Team attended Spielwarenmess® in the city of Nuremberg, Germany.

The Nuremberg International Toy Fair (Spielwarenmess®) is the most relevant event worldwide in the toy sector. In that place the international toy markets, famous brands, as well as new and original companies come together. For the first time you will see the new trends in Spielwarenmess®. In an enthusiastic and colorful environment emerges the key business relationships and it is there where PRECIOUS CREATIVE Co., represented by Virginia Landi (founder and director) and supported by its work team, was present with the purpose of strengthening its trade and communication platform.

"The Spirit of Play,” filled our hearts in Nuremberg, and is the same that will be included in all our strategies during 2019.

Thanks a lot Spielwarenmesse®. See you in 2020!

-- February 15, 2019